Kitchener Delegation - Alkmaar 2015 International Children's Games

April 17, 2015 31 Comments


A Kitchener delegation of 8 swimmers from the ROW Swim Club will be participating in the 2015 International Children's Games in Alkmaar, Netherlands from June 24th-29th, 2015.

Sport connects people, that is the idea behind the International Children’s Games 2015 (ICG).
Between 24 and 29 June 2015 Alkmaar will be welcoming more than 1500 athletes between the ages of 12 through 15, from about 80 cities worldwide. They will compete in track and field, golf, football, tennis, swimming, gymnastics, judo, beach volleyball and volleyball events at locations in Alkmaar.
The International Children’s Games have already taken place in Western Europe several times but Alkmaar is the first city in the Benelux countries that is organising the games. Alkmaar is proud to welcome athletes from all over the world!
Because of its historical city centre, weekly Cheese market and many polders and mills the region of Alkmaar is a famous tourist attraction.
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