Waterloo Delegation - Innsbruck 2016 Winter International Children's Games

April 17, 2015 29 Comments

A Waterloo delegation of figure skaters and speed skaters will be participating in the 2016 Winter International Children's Games in Innsbruck, Austria from January 12th-16th, 2016.

From 12 to 16 January 2016, Innsbruck will host the International Children’s Games. This major multisport event is designed for children aged 13 to 15 years. Since the first edition in 1968, there have been 48 Summer Games and 6 Winter Games.

The International Children’s Games are officially recognized and supported by the International Olympic Committee, but – as with the Youth Olympic Games – are organised independently.

In January 2016, the 7th International Children’s Winter Games will welcome approximately 850 competitors and 300 coaches and staff from around 70 different cities. Innsbruck, the capital of the Tyrol region, has the honour of organising the International Children’s Games for the first time, having hosted the Winter Olympics in 1964 and 1976 as well as the Winter Youth Olympic Games in 2012, another major sporting event organised under the auspices of the IOC. Innsbruck and its population are proud to give these young athletes the opportunity to test their sporting prowess and gain new cultural insights.

In order to promote this cultural side of the Games, the sporting competitions in Innsbruck, Axams, Kühtai, Seefeld, Götzens and Telfs will be accompanied by a Culture & Education Program designed to unite the athletes away from the sporting venues and give them a chance to meet and forge friendships. During the Games, Innsbruck Exhibition Centre will be transformed into a meeting area where both visitors and locals alike can mingle and experience an unforgettable week together.



A Waterloo Delegation of figure skaters and speed skaters will be
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