Participating in the International Children's Games 2012 in Daegu, South Korea was an amazing experience! The chance to compete against athletes from around the world was incredible, but the best part about the trip was not competing against the athletes, but getting to meet them outside of competition. I also enjoyed learning about the culture of South Korea; the displays during the opening ceremonies were especially impressive. Overall, I think this was the best and most enjoyable thing I have ever been a part of, and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about participating in following years.

- Erik Bumbulis

Going to the ICG was definitely one of the greatest experiences I've ever had. Not only did I get to improve my Table Tennis, I also met many new people, and learned a lot about the culture of South Korea.  The Table Tennis tournament was a lot of fun. Although I didn't advance to the medal round, I got to play with some of the top kid players in the world, see their strategies, and how they practice and play. Being at the games was a truly inspiring experience and I encourage any athlete who has this chance to take it.

- Andrew Ilyas

ICG was a great experience for me and I think for everyone involved.  The country, the people and the competition were all unique and memorable.  I improved my swimming and built lasting friendships.  I loved the Games and high recommend it to other athletes!  I feel lucky to have participated.

- Emma Rice

I was given the opportunity to attend the 46th ICG in Daegu, South Korea. During our time adjustments period in Seoul I enjoyed learning about everyone and thought it was a great base for learning about Korean culture. I enjoyed getting to know the coaches, my fellow teammate's, and the table tennis athletes better. 

When we arrived in Daegu people were immediately very welcoming and kind to us which helped us feel more at home.  I enjoyed listening to people talk about their country and sport as well as trading souvenirs with them. I thought it was interesting to see other people who enjoyed swimming as much as I do from other countries. During my time in Daegu I made many new friendships that I hope will last forever with people from other countries. I encourage anyone who's thinking about attending the international children's games to apply and to go in with an open mind as this made my experience much more enjoyable. This experience has changed how I view other cultures, countries, people, how people socialise, and it has changed my life.
- Jake Einwechter

"Participating in the International Children's Games in Daegu, South Korea was truly a life-changing experience!  I got the opportunity to meet many other athletes from other countries, and even exchange items (such as pins) in order to remember the country and athletes.  Even though I didn't advance to the medal round, I still had fun watching other people, and learning some strategies from the other athletes. I learned a lot about the culture of South Korea, and tried some foods I never thought I would eat.  I am very thankful that I got the opportunity to go to the games as it has taught me a lot, and I would definitely encourage other athletes to go to future games."

- Alex Foley

Hi everyone! I had a great time in Korea! I got to try lots of new foods, sightsee cool places (like the palace) and make friends with people from all around the world. I also had an awesome competing experience.  I really enjoyed the free time we spent with the other athletes,  everyone was so nice and fun to be around. I would definitely recommend other athletes to seriously consider participating in future games, not only to travel and compete but for the people you meet! Thank you KW ICG for this unforgettable experience.

- Johanna Gross

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